Author: Jason Williams

Be Leery of Low Light Camera Impostors

Over the years Watec has refined and redefined low-light gathering cameras through our innovative and proprietary designs. From the beginning, Watec’s 902H and later the 910HX series cameras have lead the way in true low light gathering technology. Watec’s dedication to a higher level of quality and charged with continuing […]

6 Necessary Technologies..?

I’ve heard from the “pro’s” across the board, from within a variety of respected industries and supposedly there are 6 essential camera technologies to survive in the CCD and CMOS camera manufacturing world.. Here they are: IP Cameras GigE USB 3.0 IEEE HD-SDI or TVI Analog I realize each one […]

Considering a new camera..?

If you’re looking for a new camera for your security system, question everything as it relates to your new investment. In an attempt to keep from insulting anyone.. Here we go! With all the camera new technology on the market it can be challenging to figure out which camera is […]