Where can I purchase your products in my country?

Please call 888-567-4294 or use our contact form to request information on where to purchase our products.

What is Genwac?

Genwac is a wholly owned division of Watec Co. Ltd. Japan. All Genwac products are designed and manufactured in Japan by Watec Co. Ltd. As of June 1, 2003, Genwac is the only authorized supplier of both Watec “WAT-” and Genwac “GW-” brand products.

How do I become a distributor of Genwac and Watec Brand products?

First, you will need to fill out a Credit Application and fax it to: (845) 359-1391.
Next, you need to print, read through, sign, and send back the original copy of the Distributor Agreement to:

Watec Incorporated (North America Division)
557 Oregon Trail
Pine Bush NY 12566-5310, USA

Do you supply cameras with digital output?

Unfortunately, our cameras do not come equip with USB or IEEE1394 format.

My lens does not seem to be compatible with your camera.

Check lens type i.e. manual, DC auto iris or Video auto iris. If DC or Video please check pin configuration (Click Here) to be sure the pins are set accordingly.
Other suggestions: Check your power supply. Check level control setting (above auto iris socket) Check ALC of lens.

How should I transfer images taken by Watec cameras to a computer?

You can use Watec cameras if your computer is capable of receiving either one of the composite video signal NTSC, EIA, PAL, CCIR format. The video signal taken by Watec cameras can be transferred to your computer by using a video capture card.

I am not receiving a video signal.

Check center pin of BNC connector or video in connection to be sure it is secure. Check power supply to guaranty it meets requirements specified in your Operators Manual. Check setting on lens iris to be sure it is functioning properly.