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Highest Quality Miniature IP Cameras

Watec has been proudly supplying quality imaging cameras for over 25 years. Our patented low light camera technology coupled with double and triple layered board designs provide crisp, clear images in ultra-low light environments and reduces noise as well as other unwanted imaging artifacts under extreme dark environments – producing the highest quality images on the market.

933 IP Camera

The 933 IP is a full HD, black/white, extreme low light and high sensitivity camera.

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2400S IP Camera

The 2400S IP is a full color HD, ultra low light, high sensitivity, day & night vision camera.

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Our Digital Miniature IP Cameras Are:

Full HD
Low Light/Ultra Low Light
10x more sensitive than analog cameras
Same convenient size as analog cameras

The 902 Series can upgrade to the new digital IP version. You can also upgrade from:
232S Camera
232 Camera
233 Camera
250D2 Camera
1000 Camera



Watec’s cameras have been trusted by military & law enforcement divisions for over 25 years. All cameras are designed and hand assembled by experienced, long term Watec employees. Our cameras provide medical specialist the ability to complete procedures successfully, offer clarity in near IR visibility to ALL branches of the military and law enforcement agencies protecting our nation, and keep people safe in their industry time and time again.

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Low Light Miniature Cameras
At Watec we define a low light camera device as one with the ability to clearly identify objects of interest in Near Infrared Reflectance environments (NIR). Basically starlight rated darkness. Sharp, crisp lines and easily identifiable features in a minimal low noise output all under extremely low light settings (starlight). Read more about our Low Light Miniature Cameras.

Medical Imaging Camera & Endoscope Cameras
We build cameras for endoscopy and medical examinations. Our commitment to delivering the highest quality, most reliable medical imaging cameras/endoscope cameras at reasonable prices starts in our multi-layer board designs, precision engineering and most importantly the hand selection of the highest quality components. Our dedication to quality, performance and reliability ensure our products continue to provide you with flawless viewing capabilities. Read more about our Medical Imaging Camera & Endoscope Cameras.

Extreme Sport Camera
The WAT-05U2M is a wearable unobtrusive single cable camera. It has a 180 degree wide angle lens which enables you to obtain a Full HD Ultra-Wide video. This waterproof camera was designed for use in the rain* and wind. It connects directly to your Android smart phone. Windows 7 32bit/64bit, Windows 8 32bit/64bit, Windows 8.1 32bit/64bit, Windows 10 32bit/64bit, Android 4.0 or newer. Read more about our Extreme Sports Camera.

Government Cameras
Watec has been proudly supplying quality imaging cameras to all branches of the military as well as law enforcement divisions for over 25 years. Our miniature low light cameras have proven superior across all markets, redefining low light technology to better support and protect those who serve. Read more about our Government Cameras.

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