Considering a new camera..?

If you’re looking for a new camera for your security system, question everything as it relates to your new investment. In an attempt to keep from insulting anyone.. Here we go!

With all the camera new technology on the market it can be challenging to figure out which camera is appropriate for your application.. and budget! IP, analog, digital, HD, SD, NIR, SWIR, color, b/w, low light, (how low is low), size requirements, dome, waterproof and the list goes on.. So most rely on an installer, engineer, bother-in-law.. or.. YouTube! And all may have their place helping in your decision making process. Here’s the thing, yes do your due diligence, but you don’t have to be some super-fly over the top propeller head/camera guru (like me) to spec in the right camera (but you can always email us)..

Here are a few things to consider for your next camera buy:

  1. Consider your application first and define you specific size requirements.
  2. Digital or analog output
  3. SD or HD
    1. Don’t discount the beauty SD (analog) can afford you. HD is great but not suitable in all or even most applications. If you must have HD, make sure your monitor/TV can reproduce all those millions of colors your HD camera can pickup. Do you really need to spend the extra $$$$ on the latest super duper HD, 25 megapixel color camera that most likely won’t even match up with the res on your 6yr old monitor to reproduce the colors that were promised..? Or will an SD camera with the features your application and environment require meet and/or exceed your expectations?
  4. Color or b/w
    1. If you require an extremely low light camera, you will be working in the monochrome (b/w) world. Checkout these low light cameras from Watec:
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    2. There are some low light color cameras out there in full color, but be prepared to pay big bucks for them; in the neighborhood of $7,000-$15,000 range.
  5. Dome, box camera or board camera
  6. Lens mount options: C, CS, M12/0.5 (s-mount)
    1. C-mount: not so standard in box cameras anymore
    2. CS-mount: is the standard in box cameras and some higher end board cameras
    3. M12/0.5 also known as an s-mount: is the standard in nearly all miniature board cameras

That should be enough to get you started on your quest for a new camera. There are a bazillion more things to consider and I hope you share your thoughts, cuz I know there’s someone else out there with the same concern, idea or question. Just ask and we’ll try to help.

Till next time…



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