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Why Are Strategic Partnerships So Important?

Over the years Watec has been at the forefront of creating strategic partnerships with the most innovative of equipment companies. Our partnerships have produced some of the best integrated systems in the tactical, security, medical and military fields. We are proud to showcase these innovative products on our website and we are excited to keep a continuous stream of new products entering the market. Check back often for new updates on the latest in innovative equipment.

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Amazing Cameras + Amazing Partners = Amazing Products

Watec’s cameras have been trusted by military & law enforcement divisions for over 25 years. All cameras are designed and hand assembled by experienced, long term Watec employees. Our cameras provide medical specialist the ability to complete procedures successfully, offer clarity in near IR visibility to ALL branches of the military and law enforcement agencies protecting our nation, and keep people safe in their industry time and time again.

Our partners have the same dedication and commitment to making the very best integrated systems products. The level of precision engineering and attention to customer service is unparalleled.

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Check back often for future collaborations with our partners.

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